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Team Onboarding

Rachel Codiroli, Executive Search Specialist

Great! You’ve found a stellar new employee; how do you assure you get the most from them? Have a clear onboarding plan! Effective onboarding helps boost employee productivity and improves overall staff satisfaction and retention.

To develop a clear onboarding plan first be clear about the outcome you strive to create by asking a few key questions. What will a high performing employee in this position look like? What skills will that person have mastered? What tasks will they be able to perform with proficiency?

The following will help ensure that your onboarding plan helps create that outcome:

– Define or reconfirm the organization’s purpose. Keep everyone moving toward the same destination, your mission must be first and foremost in this process.
– Define how the work of this position will best contribute to the mission, and help the new employee see the link. Even if they don’t work directly with your clients or customers, EVERYONE within your organization is there to help you achieve your mission.
– Work backwards from the outcome you are trying to achieve to define the skills that will establish this new person as a high contributing employee.
– Craft a timeline and align other important players in training the new person in the right sequence so skills build on each other.

Finding the right employee is only the first step. The real fun (and work!) begins when they are officially part of your team.

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