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How It Works

How It Works2022-04-07T13:05:08-07:00

Whether you are launching your first capital campaign or striving to increase your annual fund, I help you design and execute the right strategies to get you to your goal.

Your success depends on a solid plan that will help you fulfill your mission and further your purpose by connecting your organization with the right donors. I develop strategic fundraising, marketing and communications plans designed specifically to meet the needs of your organization and help move it forward. Services are packaged and priced on a case-by-case basis, ensuring you get the help you need—nothing more, nothing less. Engagements typically start at a minimum of $7,500.


I begin with a thorough assessment of your current development and marketing programs. Interviews with key leaders and a study of your past and current fundraising results will inform future plans. Deliverables include a 20- to 30-page report with detailed recommendations.
This is typically a 3-6 week process.


After the assessment is complete, I’ll prepare a strategic development and communications plan. This plan will focus on areas that will provide the greatest return–both initially and over the long-term–while building excitement and momentum within your team.
This is typically a 2-4 week process.


I will help you, your staff, your board members and volunteers improve fundraising success through organized training and ongoing coaching. Trainings can range from a 2-hour overview to a half-day session that goes into depth on specific topics. Ongoing coaching can be scheduled on a weekly or monthly basis depending on the needs of your organization. Sample topics include:

  • How to determine your best prospects
  • How to get the initial meeting
  • How to make the best request for a gift
  • How to facilitate planned giving
  • How to turn a special event into a year-round success
  • How to get staff excited about their role in fundraising success
  • How to assure your communications and messaging help create fundraising success

Ongoing Support:

Even the best of plans can’t succeed until they are implemented. It’s easy to become overwhelmed, and that’s often when progress can grind to a halt. Some organizations find ongoing support to be a great way to build confidence, ensure accountability, gain access to expert advice, and ultimately, be more successful.

I offer a range of ongoing support options depending on the needs of your organization:

  • Providing monthly check-ins and coaching on the plan
  • Facilitating periodic in-depth plan review and course alignment
  • Serving as your contract grant writer
  • Supporting your own development staff with focused guidance:
    • Finding the best potential donors within your pool and developing individual engagement strategies
    • Partnering to call on donors
    • Integrating planned giving programs
    • Expanding your donor pool
    • Turning a special event supporter into a year-round donor
  • Connecting your organization with other skilled professionals for direct mail, event planning, branding and marketing

Whatever your unique needs, contact me to find out how we can work TOGETHER to reach your goals.