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What I Offer

What I Offer2022-04-07T12:40:09-07:00

I help you build on your strengths, let go of strategies that are no longer working, and take the fear out of the process.

If–like so many great organizations–you have had fundraising successes, yet know you haven’t reached your full potential, we should talk. Let me help you find the hidden gems in your donor pool and new donors who will help you achieve your vision.

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Key Services

  • Visioning (Strategic Planning)—designing a clear, strategic three- to five-year roadmap so you can inspire your board, donors, volunteers and staff to help your organization create greater impact
  • Capital Campaigns—including strategy for cultivation of major gifts and individual contributions to pay for large expenses like land, construction or renovation, and major equipment purchases or upgrades
  • Planned Giving—including strategy for cultivation of future gifts typically provided through a will or trust
  • Major Gifts—including strategy for cultivation of large contributions to capital and other campaigns
  • Grant Writing—including strategic direction, content development and facilitation to ensure better success rates
  • Board Development—including skills assessment, role identification and customized training to help your board be more successful and derive greater satisfaction from their fundraising efforts
  • Executive Search—including developing a customized strategy to engage candidates who will be the best fit for you. I help you develop a powerful job description and application, leading to a thorough screening process to find the right candidate for your organization.

Additional Services

  • Assessment
  • Case Statements
  • Prospecting
  • Implementation
  • Individual Gifts
  • Workshops and Training
  • Coaching
  • Communications
  • Public Speaking

How I make a difference

Here are a few of the benefits of working with us:

  • Together we will set the stage for your long-term, sustainable success with customized strategies to suit the needs and capabilities of your organization.
  • I take the fear and anxiety out of fundraising with training that comes from years of experience with successful campaigns and sustained long-term strategies.
  • I get you out of “trial and error” mode, and move you to efforts that will bring results. This is even more important when resources within the organization are limited.
  • I help everyone identify their most impactful role within the fundraising effort, and leverage their own unique talents to the highest benefit. This not only serves the organization in the best possible way, but also ensures that staff, board members and volunteers feel valued and rewarded for their own contributions.
  • I help you implement the strategies we create together. I don’t just hand over a plan and consider our work to be done.

Are we a good fit?

I work with a range of organizations, though my focus is on nonprofit organizations serving missions related to health, human services, arts or education with fundraising goals range from three to ten million dollars. Most of my clients have some experience with fundraising, but for a variety of reasons have reached a plateau and need help getting to the next level in their development efforts.

The clients I’m best able to help share the following:

  • a commitment to donor-centered fundraising, focusing on an approach, process and goals that are based on what matters to the donor, not the organization;
  • a vision to build a culture of philanthropy, not to launch a quick-fix fundraising campaign;
  • a commitment to developing genuine, long-term relationships with donors;
  • receptiveness to innovative, creative solutions along with some calculated risks; and,
  • an understanding that successful and sustainable fundraising requires the support of everyone in the organization—it is not the sole responsibility of one person or department.

If your organization could benefit by developing and implementing more effective and sustainable fundraising strategies, please get in touch. I offer a free 30-minute consultation to get the conversation started.