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While our clients and our experience cover a range of organizations, we hear many of the same questions and concerns. If any of these resonate with you, please get in touch with us. We have the answers you need, and can help you move forward with breakthrough fundraising strategies.

Will anyone care about our cause?

Yes! Even though we don’t know you yet, we can say this with confidence. Why? Because if you’re reading this website, you care about your cause. And enough people cared about your cause that they formed a board of directors. And enough people cared about your cause to give money to form a non-profit organization. Based on these facts alone, we can safely conclude that you have a potential donor pool. We’ll help you develop the best strategy to find your potential donors quickly.

What are the key elements we should have in place for our organization to increase its fundraising?

Certain basic elements, like a compelling cause, a dedicated board and a solid plan are foundational for all nonprofit organizations. From there, we assess your unique situation and develop a customized plan to help you increase your fundraising efforts and results.

Not enough people know about us. How can we get the word out about what we’re doing and why they should support it?

We help you review everything from your website and direct mail messaging to your newsletter and media relations to make sure you are making the best use of these tools. We also engage your donors, volunteers and board to further expand your communications network. We help you develop a solid messaging plan–not just a reactive to-do list–so you can create compelling content ONCE and re-use it over and over again to get the right story in front of the right people.

We spend all of our time planning and running special events. How can we find time for anything else?

We help you review your entire fundraising program objectively and strategically, to help make decisions on where to spend more time, energy and budget, and where to spend less so you produce greater overall return for your efforts.

We had a very successful special event. What do we do now? How can we keep those donors engaged all year?

We help you learn how to turn your event into an ENTRY point for donors, not an END point. A successful event must help you build deeper connections that lead to bigger gifts BEYOND the event. We will help you develop an effective and achievable event follow-up plan that will turn those one-time event donors into year-round champions for your organization.

Many of our board members don’t contribute financially and/or don’t help with fundraising. How can we get them to be more involved?

We are all more effective in our work life and volunteer activities when we clearly understand what is expected of us and feel confident that we know how to do the job. We help you and your board more clearly understand the best role they can play in helping you raise more money, including ways they can give and engage others that won’t be scary or intimidating. And we help you train them so they feel confident in their tasks.

How can we integrate our direct mail, special events and major giving programs so they support each other and build momentum?

Everything you do in fundraising begins with strong communications. We help ensure you have a clear, focused message that will inspire people to become involved. Then we make sure those communications happen in a way that supports your goal and reaches potential donors at just the right time.

Do we need to hire (or add to our existing) development staff?

With decades of experience building fundraising programs and managing development staff, we can quickly assess where you are experiencing a lack of capacity, where you can shift your focus to become more efficient, and where you may be able to achieve your goals through more cost-effective outsourcing.

How can we incorporate planned giving? Are we ready for that?

More organizations are ready for planned giving than they realize, and getting started with planned giving is a lot less complicated than they think. With a quick initial assessment we can help you decide if this is a good next-step for your organization.

How do we determine whether a donor should get a personal visit or just a letter requesting a contribution?

We would all love to sit down with every donor and thank them face-to-face. And we would love to have the time and the staff to invite every donor in person to make their next gift. Unfortunately, NO organization has the budget to accomplish this. By applying years of experience, industry best-practices and some high-level statistics, we will help you review your donor pool to determine which people–with an investment of personal time on your part–are likely to give you much larger gifts.

We are thinking about launching a capital campaign. How do we know if we are ready?

We help you ask the right questions and look at the right data to determine if a campaign is the best next step for you. From pre-campaign planning, where we look at your development infrastructure and basic information about your proposed project, to a full-blown feasibility study, where we interview 30-40 of your key potential supporters, we help you take an objective view and get all the right pieces in place so you have the greatest possible chance of success.

Why should my organization hire Crooker Consulting for our next job search, instead of doing the search ourselves?

First, to free up your valuable time! Our clients have told us this is the number-one value to them.  Spend your precious time bringing in a new donor while we apply our expertise to help you bring in that new team member.

Second, to help you take an OBJECTIVE look at what you really need. We get to know your organization and identify the crucial skills and duties required for this position for your organization.

How much does an executive search cost with Crooker Consulting?

At Crooker Consulting we customize our approach in service to our clients. Since no two non-profits are exactly alike we recommend only those services that are most beneficial and of the highest value for your organization. A typical range, however, is typically between $5,000-$7,500, depending on our involvement.

For more information on these and other questions you may have, contact us for a free 30-minute consultation.