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Executive Search

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Changing the world isn’t always easy. With our help, finding the right partners and support is.

We help you create a powerful job description and application, leading to a thorough screening process to find the right candidate for your organization.

Key Services

In consultation with your staff or board, we:

  • Develop an optimal staffing structure and identify your specific needs
  • Write a compelling job description
  • Post the position to the sites your ideal candidates use the most
  • Utilize our network to spread the word, including posting on our web page and in our newsletter
  • Develop interview guides and questions that uncover the REAL story of a candidate’s skills and experience
  • Perform a multi-step screening process to efficiently and effectively find the best pool of candidates for you to consider
  • Conduct initial phone screening
  • Conduct second in-depth screening interview
  • Present finalists and facilitate finalist interviews
  • Conduct reference checks

Additional Services

  • Develop and provide staff needs questionnaire
  • Facilitate organization feedback session
  • Send out and tabulate questionnaire
  • Conduct board planning session
  • Conduct salary survey
  • Develop search committee job description
  • Convene and facilitate search committee meetings
  • Facilitate employment negotiations
  • Help develop and implement comprehensive on-boarding plan

Our philosophy on hiring

The work you do is changing the world. As your non-profit grows and changes, your need for support also grows and changes. At Crooker Consulting we seek to understand your vision and work as a partner to find the right people to help you achieve that vision. Our combined years of non-profit and corporate leadership experience make us the ideal partner to help you attract, engage and retain the best people for your team.

Changing the world isn’t always easy. With our help, finding the right partners and support is.

How we make a difference

As an organization doing great work for your community, your most precious resources are your time and your people. We partner with you to ensure you can spend your time where it is needed most, and our thorough hiring process provides high quality candidates who are eager to join your team and contribute in a meaningful way.

Are we a good fit?

We work hard to understand our clients and the communities they serve. We choose listening and empathy over talking and assuming.  There is no one-size-fits-all method for finding the right person. Please allow us the opportunity to listen and discover the most powerful method for finding your next team member.

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